GarrysMod Loading fails and eats up resources.

As the title says I am having problems I have never had.

The thing is I press play on Steam and Gmod starts. Here the blue screen with the “loading…” text at the bottom right corner.

After this my mouse starts to lag and it barely can move. If I have music playing on the background it will start to lag too. To stop it i can only kill the process or wait 15 minutes untill it closes.
(PS. It doesnt reach the Facepunch studios loading screen)

I need help.

Thank you


Usually it’s because you got too many addons. Just wait it out, I’ve got a very beefy PC myself but seems to die when I start gmod.

But the thing is I can’t even go to the main menu, it closes before that. I have deleted setam and all the games , installed and still doesn’t work.

If you’re running this in Linux, it won’t work. It’s not your addons. It is broken for every Linux user.