GarrysMod Lua | draw.Simpletext increase size?

Is there any possible way of increasing the size of a text?
because oh my god, its small…

draw.SimpleText("Level: "..client:Health(), "DermaDefaultBold", 10, ScrH() - 480, Color(255, 255, 255, 255), 0, 0)

how on earth, do I make the text displayed bigger? I’ve seen it somewere else? but I can’t seem to increase the size. Do I have to remake a font or something?

Yes, you would need to create a new font.

Ok, how may I do this?

I know there is one on the wiki, but its just confusing…


What’s confusing about that? The page has great examples

surface.CreateFont( "TheDefaultSettings", {
	font = "Arial", -- Use the font-name which is shown to you by your operating system Font Viewer, not the file name
	extended = false,
	size = 15,
	weight = 500,
	blursize = 0,
	scanlines = 0,
	antialias = true,
	underline = false,
	italic = false,
	strikeout = false,
	symbol = false,
	rotary = false,
	shadow = false,
	additive = false,
	outline = false,
} )

I tried it, it works
thanks for the reply :smiley:

The Garry’s Mod Wiki is a very useful resource. It has a search feature which would have helped you to find a list of theDefault Fonts or

surface.CreateFont. Either use a different default font, create your own.