Garrysmod Machinima - The Insta End

It is my 2nd Machinima I ever tried to make. It ends suddenly, thats why its caled “The Insta End”. After uploading it to the youtube, I noticed that somewhere in the middle, there is a clip error. (Giving a black screen for 0.5 sec).


so randumb

Pfft… Ofcourse ;). I had no idea what to make, so I just threw together stuff what I had in my mind after I hit my head against a cupboard.

What did I just watch?


I don’t get it

What’s not to get?

It’s just another dumb random video made in gmod.
The kind of shit that keeps people like gmodcinema at the bottom of the charts.

This is the art of “Thinking nothing while making stuff”. (Expecting a dumb rating on this comment ^^.)

If you want, you sound 12 years old.

It’s like you’re desperately trying to be funny, or be like dasboshitte.

Its not working, this is terrible.

Cartoon sounds.