Garrysmod main menu text goes over server list

ok so first time im on gmod on my new 26" hd lcd monitor set up the resolution and stuff but
on gmod,

the main menu text like server list,options,exit, is at the front of every single window in gmod i open, like the server list,

its hard to describe but think of it as the Bring to front , is broken so all the windows collide over each other

Try fooling with the resolution some more, and try restarting gmod.

I had this problem. A Gmod reinstall fixed it.

Make a backup of your data folder, maps and anything else you want… but generally it’s addons that causes this problem (it was for me.)

If you don’t have any addons, I’m not sure what the problem is.

it’s not addons i had this problem when i first got gmod.

so then how do i get rid of it? if you had it when you first got gmod?

anyone know how to fix this yet?

I get this when i have a gmod window out and click somewhere behind it. Are you doing so or does this automaticly happen?

bump… still havent fixed this yet, ive tried making a new folder called garrysmod and renaming the current one to garrysmodold, and yet the problem happens, my drivers for the graphic card are the latest too …

this really bugs me cause its hard to change settings with it now and stuff

try -dxlevel 80. it worked for me