Garrysmod maps

Kind of a noobie question, but is there an easy way to only use garrysmod items and scenery such as trees that everyone who only has gmod can see… In other words: whats an easy way to only use textures and models that came with gmod when making a map in hammer

The whole “things that came with gmod” can be different. but only using hl2 stuff is probably a safe bet, although some people might only have css and gmod or something like that.

Change the Engine Version to Half Life : Episode 1, then make the Current Game Half Life 2.
Everyone in GMod has Half Life 2 props, (I think they have all of them).

Gmod comes with HL2 props/materials. Use that.

Or just screw the ones who don’t have ep2, and make maps with the ep2 configuration.

haha yeah im pretty sure gmod comes with hl2, not ep1 or 2