Garrysmod Memory Leak

So, I’ve been roaming around and I’ve found out that It’s a memory leak causing my game to crash. Does anyone have a fix for memoryleaks in Gmod? Or do we have to wait for garry to bring out a patch.



Can you go more into depth maybe; is it in the main menu? Is it only in game?

Otherwise it’s hard to tell

This is one of the most vague bug reports I’ve seen in awhile.

“Something’s wrong, fix it.” :v:

While it is true, memory leak bugs are really hard to find the cause of, especially for an end user.

It is really rare that you can find the exact cause of it, but it is true that the OP is missing almost every information.

It could also be the scripters fault as well, not Garry’s Mod itself.

Like an addon that don’t use resources correctly or something.

Memory usage after 12+ hours of Garry’s Mod idle: 11GB
After closing Garry’s Mod: 4GB

Yes, there’s a memory leak and it seems to be related to awesomium but it’s all speculation. I just restart gmod after the ridiculous ram usage.

Isn’t awesomium alone its own process? I recall finding awesomnium.exe in task manager before.

(So if awesomium had a memory problem only its process would spike in memory?)

The lag I experienced in OS didn’t go away by closing the awesomium processes at least.

What OS are you running? I can confirm there’s memory issues on Win7.


Sorry, I was in a bit of a rush this morning. Over the space of around 15 minutes it goes from using 300k to over 2000000. Not even joking, it spikes to a max of about 2600000 then it just crashes. Currently on Win7 64bit. 4GB Ram is enough for the game too. Possibly an awesomeonium bug? Tried a fresh install of the game and the source games, still nothing has changed. Tried getting through to facepunch support but I’ve had nothing back. If you give me a shout on where to find crashlogs I’ll gladly upload one.

The crash dumps are deposited in the steamapps/<username>/garrysmod directory, and when you said ‘clean install,’ did you just delete local content through the steam library or did you rename the garrysmod directory folder?

Deleted absolutely everything. Then reinstalled. Also I can’t see any logs in that folder for some reason.

I have indeed tried to report this but I get shot down.

I’ve tried doing some bug testing as to what could be causing it but cannot find anyway to get an accurate report to submit. Sometimes there is only so much the average end user can do in order to report a bug, just because we are unable to provide a fix for the devs doesn’t mean the issue should be ignored.

If someone could test this on a mac, and can you play gmod in linux yet I’m not sure? Either way the serverside memory leak has been reported to only affect windows afaik.

I’m having this problem too - and it maybe unrelated, but after a while my Garry’s Mod just closes without a crashdump leading me to think that it overflowed or something.

After a week of having srcds up, running a gmod server, I have never had it crash once nor have i had a memory leak…

We’re talking about the Garry’s Mod client, not the server

was just mentioning about this part here.

I admit recently it’s not been as insane, but many server owners have reported the same findings as me.
The windows srcds client has a memory leak.

All of my servers have been online (well most of them) since 161 came out… they are using a little bit more than than I last remember, but nothing too much for cause of concern…

I have to say though, my game does CTD a lot more often than it used to, which I assume is from leaving it running and the client having a memory leak