GarrysMod Metin2 Weapon

I need a weapon like a two handed sword for my mmorpg gamemode!! :slight_smile: ^^ do’es anyone who i skilled model something like that? i created something in paint how it shud look like just more realistic … :slight_smile:


Your picture is at the wrong angle (melee view models go towards the top right from just off the centre, held with the handle of the weapon just below the screen), try drawing out just the sword by itself on a plain white background, and to help modellers do it from as many angles as you can.

Hey, Metin 2 stuff might be portable… Silver, you think it is possible?
(I got Metin 2, and since I failed in my last project, to avoid boredom I might be up to this one)

Is it a PC game? Is your PC running 64bit or Vista (or both like mine)? What format are the model files in it? (I should be able to surmise if its possible from your answers :slight_smile: )

It is a Fully online PC game… Right now Im on a Vista 32bits, In my house I use a XP pc.
Right now I’m on my personal laptop at my office but im downloading the game again. (The game is free, in my opinion one of the best online free games i have played x] ) Gimme 1 or half an hour and I tell you the files that it has.

If its a 3d game (which if your asking me this i’m assuming it is) and your using an XP computer get this: 3D Ripper DX and hope that that game as an exe to run it.

Well, if you wish/got time you can download it too :o since its a free game :stuck_out_tongue: You might work it out faster than me. <- Here ^^
I’m working so I actually shouldnt be seeing that but w/e I’m bored lol

Edit: Yeah it is a 3D game :v:

Hey, there is a folder named PACK, which I think that contains the textures ;o the file types are: .eix & .epk

And the .exe that opens the game first opens a Menu, and then runs the game… You think that may interfer with the 3D Ripper?

Don’t know what those formats are :S

Try it, Hellgate: London has a menu but it runs on that (which reminds me i’ve got some stuff to check :P)

Edit: Huh, I tried to import the .obj files captured from Hellgate into Milkshape but nothing happened, but these same files open fine in Crafty, whats going on? :S

Well, 3D Ripper didnt load on Metin so I guess no porting, I maybe investigate some about the EPK & EIX to see what kind of file are they, and what thing can work with them, who knows, maybe I find something useful :v:


ARghh that sux Silver :X I wish I knew about that stuff to help >.<

So can you help me? !! ?? !!! i really need sumthing like that cuz metin2 is cool and i need it for my mmorpg gamemode upcomming >:(