Garrysmod on CryEngine 2 or New Half Life 2 Engine?

Garrysmod on CryEngine 2.

CryEngine 2 Physics compared to Half Life 2 or is half life 2 going to be upgraded in the future with episode 3 for example.

What should we expect for the future of garrymod?

Yeah, By the way. A.I in half life 2 mods suck. The only good A.I is counter-strike source bots.
Hope they could bring out bots support in the SDK and team fortress 2.

I heard a rumor that the A.I in the cryEngine2 can be programmed in lua. Is it true? (Not a garrysmod question but interesting)

The L4D engine will be awesome. I promise you. Use it Garry… Silent or i will hunt you down.

It would be cool if Garry made his own engine, with tons of features for modding.

He IS making his own engine

Check his blog

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How long is that engine going to take. Not long before there is a better commercial engine like Half life’s source engine and a new sandbox based mod. More competition means better for us or am I talking crap?

He is only experimenting, it might not even be used in gmod. Who knows?

Go ask garry

I so strongly doubt he has plans for a new Garry’s Mod on any engine.

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Garry keeps saying this is NOT For gmod he just likes to learn.

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how did you do that ? :downs:

Then the only way Garrymod is going to be updated is if half life 2 engine updates. Meaning Left 4 dead or Episode 3 etc.

if this game would eventually run off CryEngine2 it would be the worst mistake ever in my mind. I mean graphics would be AWESOME, but imaging the time it would take for your computer to connect to a server because of all the things you would have to load, and it would be harder for people to make new mods/addons to meet the bar that CryEngine2 sets, and downloading new maps/mods/addons would take a LONG time and take up a LOT of space.

Anything besides source, the current havok is far better than source aside from alpha flashlights.

Really, is the havok engine better than source engine?

The Havok engine is the source engine. The source engine is a heavy modification of the havok engine.

Havok is the physics engine which is integrated in the Source engine.

True, it’s a shame how many people make this mistake.

Garry’s Mod is for Source only. end. (remember, L4D is also Source :D)

There’s 2 kinds of people here whom I want to punch:

  1. People who think the Havok engine compete with Source
  2. People who think TF2 is merely a mod that costs money.

Source only… what is wrong with source anyway. It has good online support, good physics, decent graphics, people can actually run it. Besides, he said he will be switching to the L4D engine.