(and other websites) directing me to Myspace?!?

So I have been noticing over the last couple of weeks garrysmod has, for me, been having its PMS. First, I had some errors with the URL not being valid, and me being unable to connect. That seemed to resolve itself in due time, but now whenever I visit the website, it doesn’t even load, I automatically get redirected to myspace. I’ve been trying various links, links to the front page, links to a search, links to a specific download, but it all redirects me to myspace.

Any help is appriciated.

Ive had problems with sites that should be valid send me to some random site

Maby you got an virus

i’ve had a virus do things like that to me before.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. get it, Run it. It checks for EVERYTHING. Plus it’s free :smiley: (keep your anti-virus also) MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

I had a spyware, and I used Spybot search & destroy. From now on, I have it on my computer.