Hello all,
I’m recently annoyed from a problem that you may know.
I just buyed Garrys Mod yesterday with a paysafecard (Just to say maybe this is the problem) and now the thing that annoys me is that i almost can not use the Search engine OR in general, cause either i click a addon, click one of the tags,WANT TO ACCESS OR use the search myself, it keeps showing me “The service is unavailable.”
Please help it is kinda annoying me and since the alternative is gone because of all the ****ing pirates i dont know how to dl any addon more.
Did anyone else got this too?

Lt. Ferreira

I know you’re new, but you should read a bit up on the forums first. There’s thousands of threads on this. goes down from time to time (and no one seems to know why) but it always comes back. Just wait a couple hours and then you’ll be able to download your addons again.

Oh, thanks :wink: