garrysmod org ban time

hi i suggest to add time for ban np

being ass here in comments 1-3 days.
Upload porn - 5-7 days
two months or permament ban - upload virus
months - Upload more than 10 times this same not working tool/addon/mod/skin in short time.

virus = perma

Two weeks for a virus isn’t even a slap on the wrist.

yea virus better perm !

To be honest, all bans should remain permanent. You must be a huge idiot to get banned from a mere game content sharing website in the first place, where there are barely any rules.

i dont get ban !!! this is only idea !

No need for ban times, perma is fine.

No gonna be saying that if your banned :stuck_out_tongue:

why-- -snip- Who would get banned, really? You must be trying to get banned, to get banned

I don’t upload anything apart from maps.