cannot log on via steam or log on via community page

hello, i recently had my e-mail account changed due to my service provider changing. This meant my old e-mail account had to be deleted, in which it was and i had to call steam support to help. My password was also changed, so later on that day i wanted to get some mods for garrys mod, so i go on the site, try to log in with my new details, and it states: incorrect login. Has anyone else had this problem and noted it to be fixable?
And yes before anyone asks, it is the full legitimate copy of garrys mod purchased throguh steam. And yet another update on the problem is that when i enter incorrect passwords deliberatley, it says incorrect login, and when i put in my full password it claims it to be the correct password which it is, then i go to verify my humanity, then it states incorrect login, although all details are correct, as well as the humanity check!

You can call Steam Support? Last time I checked you had to register a support account (which was independant of your Steam account) to contact them.

Anyhow, anything regarding logging in with OpenSteam (and the human check) is to do with Steam itself and not, so you’re best off contacting them again.

damn… well i’ll try contact steam support again. Its just that it’s rather slow to get an answer.
yeah i got a steam support account, it just the same as your steam account.

If you register it with the same details it will be, otherwise you have to register a fresh account.