database error

I wanna check out but it gives me this message.

Database Error! (please report this to garry @ You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1

however I can view the website if I use incognito mode. whats wrong ? anyone can help me ?

works fine for me, weird

Can you describe this more like where do you get the error? Logged in or not? …

What’s your steam name atm, or username or whatever uses.

I know very unlikely but possible you’re accidentally doing some haxing…

I’m very certain I didn’t do anything dodgy. I tried clearing the cookies but the problem persists

Answer my question still?

I wasn’t sure whether I’m logged in or not, but I know it is the same name as my steam, if thats what you want to know.

But *what *is your steam name? Is it ’ r_S ’ as well ?

aint username supposed to be private ? I usually change my steam name so I’m not sure which

You are dodging the question… Whats your Steam profile link? Mine is

Haha, it would appear this man has accidentally discovered an SQLi vulnerability in the site

I theorize that I need to log out and log back in to fix this, but my account is like stucked in the website like a limbo because of the sql thingy

does it actually matter though ? would it fix my issue ? how to do it ? do u guys have some sort of scanner stuff on your end to find out user sql problem and stuff ?
I seldom use gmod so idk how these work.

I need to know these before I provide steam link

Are you seriously clueless? Steam links aren’t private. We need it to see your Steam name and username to see if there’s an SQL exploit.

Here, step-by-step:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Hover over your username
  3. Click Profile
  4. Right-click when the page finishes loading, then click Copy Page URL
  5. Paste it here.

I swear I’m not involved in any dodgy activities.
if I can view the website in incognito, there shouldn’t be a problem.
I think this is more on browser issue

if u people still don’t believe me that I didn’t conduct exploitation, here

Not that kind of exploit :v:
Exploit doesn’t mean you intentionally did something.

so what did u guys observed so far ?

This is not your profile - It leads to an unknown profile (Maybe you changed it a few hours ago?), this is probably your login, which you can (but is not a security risk if someone knows it, at all!) keep secret - What we’re looking for is your in-game name or profile. This name is the name that shows up whenever you join a multiplayer game or type in chat.

My in-game name would be: Tom
My login is something like my facepunch username: Tomvdr.

As wickedplayer494 posteed:

Please do this :slight_smile:

it is the link, try again

I don’t fucking care about some Russian’s trying to lock down my account - So be it. They don’t give a single fuck about me or my account.