dead? or temporarily closed? is gone?

the legacy of garrys mod is gone?

Don’t worry, it’s just Cloudflare. That thing kept shitting up the website ever since it showed up.

The site is coming back?

Has nothing to do with Cloudflare

then , it seems that we have lost one of the best sites GMOD or if not the best.

Actually, It was down for a few days, and I revisited it today to find the domain may have truly expired.

people still use that site?

workshop is easily far better

Then it is that the site can go back to work? I hope so.

Sorry for my bad english.

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yes, the workshop is easier to download and search for addons, but was all garry’s mod history and still had good maps and models to use.

It is, yes. But has so much old content that is still useful: maps, models, scripts.

you 're totally right.

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if someone wants to play good maps on garry’s mod, i recommend this site has several good maps.

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Someone else was downloading addons in ?