I wanted the skeleton gamemode from this website :frowning: Dose anyone have it if so please please reupload it :)))

A skeleton game-mode isn’t much, here is my version: - which covers the 3 base files ( you can rename sh_init.lua to shared.lua if you prefer, just rename it everywhere you see it )

And, for the txt file you’d need to make one but change the first line to be “<foldername>” without <>s.

Here’s a basic version which is complete:

The loader is basic, but it will load maps folders in InitPostEntity and OnReloaded ( but has a bug which prevents more than one maps folder existing, just add to the name of the hooks the map-name to fix it )…

If you’re looking for a skeletonized developer base game-mode which adds features, and functionality to make game-mode development easier, take a look at mine:

Hey, welcome to FacePunch.
I have written over 400 tutorials and completed “systems” in Lua for Garry’s Mod. I tutor and answer questions for free; feel free to add me on Steam if you need some guidance. This forum is for devs that need help working on things. Here are some resources to help you get started:

Generalized Lua Help ( Links to Wikis, Answers the question of “Where do I post a simple question or DarkRP Specific question”, links to other resources compiled by forum members )

Useful Programs ( SteamCMD, Autosizer, Desktops, Process Explorer ) and Notepad++ Upgrades

Acecool Dev Base Skeletonized Base Game-Mode ( Never worry about Include or AddCSLuaFile ever again; comes with New Hooks, Console Commands, Meta-Table Objects, Helper Functions, Extended Functionality, and more! )

acecooldev_base Addon - All of the features above, but packaged as an addon. [ COMING SOON ]


I want SIN’s jetpack