doesen't start

I can’t enter the site… It just keeps saying “loading…”

What can I do?

Be patient and wait, they will be back up in a few mineuts they always do this.


Nice bump.


its been some hours now … says dns server cannot be found

I can’t get on it with Firefox or IE, but the steam browser allows me? Help!

Dont worry. They do this regularly. You cant do anything, other than wait until tomorrow.

Bugs me when it does this.

This was happening to facepunch earlier. Firgures, I rarely go and the one time i want to get an addon, ITS GONE!

probably removing all the furry porn and BS off of the site… finally

I hope so, I’m so tempted to rage at it.

they updated the webserver… and guess what…fail

wen i press Log In Using Your Steam Account
it says Error logging in (No servers found!)
This usually means a problem with Steam’s servers.

Please try again later are they maintenceing it?