down in the dumps again?

I’ve checked with, it stated that it is down (strange since it was working a few hours ago). Though when I go to itself, Im redirected to a site greeting me with a site from Cloudflare. While on the same coin, just to test, the dumps upload site is also down (greeted with a lovely message that the server could not be connected).

I was not 100% sure where to post this since there is no sub-forum for the site in question.

Hmm, I guess it is down.

I just went to, got this message

Website Currently Unavailable The website you are trying to access is currently unavailable. Please try again at a later time.
If you are the site owner, review the following resource to help resolve the issue.

[li]© 2011 CloudFlare, Inc.[/li][/ul]

We had a powercut, all should be back to normal now.

Garry makes everything better.

Its been gone for a while, again. hope it comes back soon.

is anyone else getting a cloudfare error?

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb bump" - Gran PC))

You didn’t read the OP.

bump it was, but true it be.

down it go :frowning:

still down

How many threads are there going to be?

Don’t see why this is dumb varachack, you can look through the forum and see a thread like this about once a day.
But I guess you’re entitled to your shitty opinion.

Considering this was a bump it would probably pre-date the others :wink:

I don’t think a power cut takes this long to fix. but i could be wrong.

Humorous thing:

For some reason I am able to visualize about 10 Klieners. running around with pcmod laptops with the names Garry’s Assistant (1) though 10 checking the server towers.

It’s still down. I’ve been checking every day for 5 days… tried using proxy but I get a 502 Bad Gateway error. Garrrrrrrrrrrrry :frowning:

With poor animations