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Ok, so that’s a month of torrents over. We’re now on direct downloads. Which should be lovely and fast for everyone.

With torrents we’ve used just over 8,500 GB of bandwidth. Not that much different from using coblitz really.

This month’s should be right up there. No Torrents, No Coblitz. Just straight from Amazon S3. Have fun!

:aaa: That’s a lot of bandwidth.

To be honest, I think the settling in used more bandwidth than normal.

Finally, I can download stuff faster that 10kb/s.

Jesus! Will you please settle?!

Now I’ve downloaded BitTorrent for no use…

It was an experiment, what did you expect?

And what’s the deal if you downloaded BitTorrent? Can you only download a limited amount of things or something? Just don’t use it.

Cool…I do wonder how the hell the bandwidth usage was near enough the same while on Torrents though. The S3’s wouldn’t have had to put out that much of the files, as we had a ton of seeders.

Finally, I was very pissed off when I was downloading things at 20-70kb/s. Thank God its back to normal, I mean I didn’t see what was wrong with it in the first place =P.

So, in garry trying to save money; it made no difference whatsoever? And his plan slightly backfired by causing half the community to become angered.


Kinda liked help seed.

Made me feel like a better person.

Now I have no purpose in life though :frown:

What the hell dude, hes trying to uninstall Bittorrent not Utorrent


Very well… carry on

so its back to normal

Actually, when you think about it, Garry did save money and we got greater benefits. How?

[li]By using coblitz, you could send the torrent out at reletively low bandwidth measures, and then give higher speeds via amazon
[/li][li]People were seeding. if costs and b/w usage were about the same, this is good. It may not seem it, but consider these factors- People were seeding, downloads were faster and better. This means that Garry was saving money indirectly with people seeding. On some files, there were over 100 seeds meaning that money was actually being saved
[/li][li] Speeds were great, and everyone could contribute, bringing together a greater community feeling

I liked it, it was nice. Sure, it’s nice to have a direct download now, but I fear that with it being direct from S3, within days, costs will fly up beyond what Garry is expecting, just simply because seeders are gone. Torrents were fine and it even helped people learn that they aren’t evil virus ridden beings from beyond.

(Expecting mass disagrees now)

sigh Back to the crappy download speeds.

Yeah except for the fact that we’re not downloading from coblitz we’re downloading direct from S3.

So really no.

s3 is fast… :downs:

I have found s3 MUCH slower. I peaked at 2 MB/s with Utorrent (on a Front page download) and got an average of 100-150 KB/s with the Direct dowloads before, and now I’m getting 25.1kb/s ! Even with all other internet usage things closed.