Hi. I was looking at my uploads and other uploads on, and I have noticed that a lot of other ones have the WARNING signs at the top as well. Who is going around reporting files :P?

Thanks, Jova

Probably other people who make files like yours trying to sabotage them.
Because their e-go can’t handle being beaten by someone else.


i noticed too, i searched for “rifle” and everything seems to be reported.

the gyropod controller is reported too…

Could it be annoynoumus?


Maybe …It could be…anonymous!! AHHHH

I doubt Anons are involved. alot of them like Gmod. This is probably just another stupid low-life just getting upset over something or a twelve year-old thinking it be funny

It’s just some idiot most likely with a bot just hitting report and getting a kick out of everyone squeeling.

I notice alot of files have errors as well and so have my uploads AND most the files i already downloaded and work fine… its clearly a minge going around reporting stuff >;l

pretty much EVERYTHING is reported, i think someone is just trying to ruin everyone else’s download count. pretty sad if you ask me.

uh has anyone contacted Garry [or whoever runs] about this yet?
Edit: scratch that, everythings been fixed