giving hilariously slow download speeds

I’m on a 2g connection… I usually get like 400 kb/s down, but when I try to download from (PHX mod for example), it barely pushes 10 kb/s. I’ve tried Firefox and IE, all router possibilities… and for some reason yesterday I randomly got a constant 150 kb/s on one download but then super slow on all the rest.

Is there another mirror for all of the content on or what?

PHX is a pretty big file there… So that may explain the slow downloading.

How does file size have anything to do with download speed? I mean if I download a 1.5 gig game demo from Filefront, it goes as fast as a 150kb model file does.

Your mum gives hilariously slow downloads…

Maybe gives low priority to big files :eng101:.

Happens to me too, i was downloading a NPC pack and then my download speed dropped to 20 kb/s

I’ve had stop working altogether. Won’t let me download or even browse the site. I think their servers just suck.

I get 8-20Kb/s on I reckon they should get a faster server or something to increase their bandwidth.

I reckon you should pay for it

What he said. Garry can’t afford EVERYTHING, even with sales on steam. Money doesn’t grow on trees, people. If you don’t like, then make your own. If you know how to. No-one’s going to stop you.

Aw damnit, don’t give him ideas…

Look just have patience I live in Israel ok? The internet connection from here to the UK or where ever the mirror is,is horrible ok? And I leave it on when I go to school or when I watch a movie or some other crap. Garry’s right and he can’t make the best mirror in the world and if you want it so desperately then just DOWNLOAD IT AND HAVE PATIENCE.
How the hell do you think people made mods and maps and all the other crap you can’t ever make? Patience. If you can’t control your temper or patience who can? Just start downloading it. And like I say “Don’t start what you can not finish.”
If its bad today start it in a couple of hours or the next day. Is it that hard to wait a couple of hours?

I get 200kb/s on, I always have :3:

True. That’s the reason why was created.

I guess it’s either put up with slow download speeds or get spammed with more ads.

look bandwith costs money maybe their should be an account where you pay for uncapped download speeds

I think that your connection is fine, but the sites isn’t, having to host the files, and the other connections of other members.

I’m not an expert but that’s what I would think…

I always get a really good download speed off

You’re proberbly doing it wrong.


I always get a really good download speed off

You’re proberbly doing it wrong.

How do you download wrong?

will everyone just shut up about garry newman isn’t going to buy more bandwith