, hasn't been online for me for 3 days straight.

I’m getting pissed off. I keep retrying for a live version, but it doesn’t do shit! My internet’s perfect, I doubt their updating, since I see no changes. But I basically want to download this shotgun pack, and these HL:S snpcs.

And is the only reliable, non-virus website for me. And I hate gamebanana, since it’s freakin’ impossible to download things their. has the uptime of 75%. If you’ve been playing/looking around you would know that.

I’m in the same boat.

4 days come on how can it be down for that long 75% ya i am sure 40% down time now that is it.

Same here, haven’t seen it online for 4 straight days now. very annoying if you try to build a server and need some addons :frowning:

Perhaps garry is getting ready for Gmod 13’s release and taking down toybox and because we have Workshop now? Just a theory.

i don’t remember it being offline this much before

somone in other thread said will still be up if it gets visited enough or somenthing like that

You guys really get batshit over this? Like I said. has its downtimes. Just give it some time. You’re not going to die/lose your server because it’s down. :confused:

Same thing here, guys. And it sucks, because there’s an addon I need which is unavailable on toy box or the workshop.

It’s slow when it’s up anyways. If they would just do a mass clean up of all the bullshit “addons” (IE the mass amount of advanced duplicator shit that was uploaded before it was banned) their server would not be clogged and the community would be happy. Win-win.

I think the community needs to get together with garry and do this. I would be more than happy to help, Garry gives us a list of when the rules were put into place, delete all adv dupes that either have no downloads and the ones that were posted after the rules. Includes backgrounds and what not as well.

What He Said^^^

Well, you can’t expect Garry’s to be on all the time. Imagine how many addons and people go on 1 site daily? Don’t you know how much stuff is held on that website? More then 12 TERABITES. And Garry has to host that on ONE computer.

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Oh, btw Toybox is back. That’s a sign Garry’s might come back because Toybox is also hosted on

I can testify that both and Toybox are down. Toybox says “Database is being reconfigured”, and is having the cloudfire issues. Please fix this soon Garry. :frowning:

Toybox is hosted on is on tumblr, nope

Alright, I can understand a day or two, or even three, of downtime, but 5 days is long enough.

its up now

No it’s not.