Is anyone else sick of adv dupes everywhere?

Is anyone else sick of going on and finding something cool only to find out it’s an adv dupe that doesn’t even include the models it uses?

Aren’t adv dupes supposed to get you banned anyway?

Yes they are, but there is no proper administration of

I’m tired of them simply because nobody makes their own shit anymore. If they need a helicopter, they just go to and download one.

it would be cool if they don’t use adv. dupes cause people always have to look for everything in the internet especially for nabs and it is a pain in the arse. it would be cool if you just looked for a mech and it would show something like sakarias88’s mech that doesnt need lots of separate mods to use it. I totally agree with the OP

It’d be great if Garry would put some moderators on the site, I personally wouldn’t mind spending a couple hours a day weeding out the adv dupes and shit…

You do realize that the only dupes that should be removed are the ones that were uploaded after the rule of no adv_dupes rolled out, right?

No, I’m sick of going to trying to find something cool, and finding 20 versions of the same shitty ragdolls and sweps from the same shitty games instead.

Is even gonna exist after GMod 13 comes out? Seems like Workshop takes its place.

People actually use

of course some still do… trying and hoping to see an original creation…

Oh my I hope that isn’t true.

Garry said he’d keep open as long as people used it, even when GM13 comes out.

I personally think that some adv dupes should be kept. And, accounts shouldn’t be permabanned, but like a month or so.
Dupes that should be removed:
Shite “ADMINBASE1337OMG” laggy PHX boxes
Any dupe that says “Map”
Anything stolen
Huge, inefficient, laggy non parented SB ships
any fake “NPC” that is a dupe

killl bren v 390485734097835703.32p546793459

combaen fort v13040921

I miss when people would make big ass thruster jets and shit and use gcombat to blow the fuck out of each other.

pisses me off that 60000 idiots post their shitty dupes on, so that garry doesn’t allow them anymore, so the people who can actually make a decent dupe can’t post them there.

one of the reasons i don’t play gmod so much anymore is because i can’t release stuff.

I get pissed off when my dupes get stolen and posted on Then I go on a server, spawn my contraption, and then someone tells me its on Also, people don’t believe I made the contraption and think I am a minge…

Mai GUnZ shhop 4 DarKRP.

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Mai csutom jubs for DaRKrP

It’s official: morons killed Karbine. Damn them all.