is glitchy

I went on to look for new files and all of the pictures were chopped up and colored differently. I also had a problem where it wouldn’t get me to the page, instead it said,“Content Encoding Error”. Plus it had pages that were just words. I know that the site changed to bittorrent. Could it be something blocking the site or maybe my antivirus program? Firewall? If you know please help because I want to post a few things on the site. Thanks!

What’s your Browser
Internet Explorer(Crap)?
Google Chrome?
Also whats your Security software it may be a factor

Well first things first go to your monitor setting and make sure it’s in 32 color mode. Second i get that kind of thing on my psp when i try to go to websites that are fancy so make sure all your hardware checks out.


never happend to me only thing that happens is if i go onto a file it says file removed but its still there :confused: