needs an CLEANUP!

Since ages is becoming full of crap files. Examples are pack of tools, that most of time, are outdated and will make you get errors. So I sugest to start filtering files that goes to I know gets toons of files per day, but that will be the solution for the chaos.

Another thing is that every download could need to have more info on it, or at least, a link to a thread on this forum or to anywhere else with info.

A simple way to start cleaning up is searching. If anyone seaches for “Weight Stool” there will be lots of Weight Stools. The real owner of the file will be the only one to make updates/fixes, and if fixes are made by someone else, they need to be sent to the real owner, so he will decide to update it or not. Because there’s lot of versions around there, and you never know wich one is the most recent and wich one works too. And could keep some old versions of some files (at least the small ones). As the “CLEANUP” goes on, more space will be avaiable, and i bet my ass that there will be more than the suficient to have some old versions of some stools (just for compability).

Another thing… About the “Toybox”… I was made for "adv dupes, entities, contraption and etc. right? That could help cleaning too. It will be more organized, with only the real addons.

Quick Idea
If an addon uses SVN, the link could be protected (the svn itself maybe) and could only be used if you own gmod. Like, a random password for each download, but i think that would take up too much processing and would take too much long. It’s just an quick idea i had making this post anyway… LOL

Quick Idea 2
Maybe an upgrade to the addon info page? Like being able to “Center” texts, and have a logo on the description (with size limitation, obviously).
Sadly, that’s what i can contribute with, ideas and iniciatives, that will my contribution with Gmod this year, maybe i came up with more ideas, maybe not. Even being only ideas, at least they are something, right?

Just to put something CLEAR!l, they aren’t requests, they’re suggestions, I don’t want idiots saying (YOU SUCK REQUESTING FROM GARRY) or any crap of feedback like this.
Critics are welcomed and apreciated, but only the constructive ones!
So if any one on facepunch like my ideas, please post about what you think :wink:
It’s my sugestion for 2011. Let’s make diferent this year guys. Garry is brilliant for creating gmod, without it this forum probally wouldn’t be the same, think about that. So what about making Garry’s work worth it?

Everyone can help. If you see someone else doing wrong, don’t pwn him for that, teach him how to do it. Don’t desorganize, don’t post crap when you can’t… Really, I love gmod as you can see, and i know that A LOT of other poeple love it too, so “Show that your love is real”
That could look like “fag”. But think this way: Think that gmod, the forums and bla bla bla are your life, if you make jokes all the times, not that jokes are bad, instead you need to take your life happy, so play, have fun, joke a lot, but there are times that you need to calm down, and “whait a little” and be dedicated. Or you could be warned, banned and permabanned. Think!

By the way, i know that maybe nothing of what i sugested is possible, but screw that, i’ll post it anyway. Just take my ideas as inspiration or something :stuck_out_tongue:


You just have to deal with it.

Yes, i’m actually dealing with it. The main objective of this topic wasn’t making my sugestions reality, my intend was to see what people think about what i’ve said.

And, please excuse me for the rudeness but, i asked opinions not feedbacks like:

If you read the entire topic you will understand the main reason for it. If you have read it and din’t understand, read again. Still not understanding? Sorry i couldn’t be more clear.
Sorry if i misunderstood your intentions, so if i did so, let me know so i can excuse myself…

There’s too much shit on there already to clean up.

Maybe, but with patience it’s possible, and once it’s done, it will still clean until someone gave up, which i think is hard when you done a thing that took a ot of time…

Nah Brah

Stop whining about what people say like what I said. Your OP makes no sense. Since when did we “Pwn” some one for doing something wrong? is a game? Teach some one how to do what? Make uploads and how to not re upload things? We tell morons like that every day to not re-upload or even to not upload shit uploads and we still have many kids doing that. You can’t make sentences at all. Seriously. “Really, I love gmod as you can see, and i know that A LOT of other poeple love it too, so “Show that your love is real”
That could look like “fag”.” What? We dont care if you love Garry’s Mod. This thread is to be about not you loving the game. Seriously don’t make a thread and have it randomly lead to you saying that you love Garry’s Mod. You’re just going off topic. The thread is supposed to be about what you want, which is to have being cleaned up. Not what you love.

I meant that you show that your love is real, by helping with the comunity…

Anyway, i know some things i say are ridiculous and really no-sense. Call me a moron, or anything you like but i don’t care, since it’s coming from you.
Btw, i’m Brazilian, so if you din’t notice, my English isn’t perfect, because i learned all i know trough internet, so i sometimes write things that are no-sense because i can’t find works to say what i want with “precision”.

"Since when did we “Pwn”
I din’t wanted to mean that someone already pwned someone.

“What? We dont care if you love Garry’s Mod.”
First, you can’t say that no one cares about something if you don’t know their opinion. Second, i din’t asked if you or anyone cares…4

“You’re just going off topic”
You are off-topic too, you din’t talk nothing about, nothing related to the thread so, SHUT UP!
At least say something and don’t waste an entire post just to correct someone else.
I know you tried to teach me something, but you just pwned me.

Anyway, this post is going too much off-topic so i’ll let this entire thing die, as i can see no one is mature here and don’t give a shit to others…

My god, “AN CLEANUP”

- I really need to fix that fucking mistake I always do.

Again, English is not my mother language so it isn’t perfect since i learned it trough internet

I think someone should download all the good, working files and recreate a new website. It would be harder to go through the site and clean it up, than to make a new one IMO. And if someone wants to upload a file, the one who made the site should work with it and make sure its good, then upload it to the site. That way, more cleaner, more faster and less crappy crap.

No, re-uploading will be harder, because you need to do 4 things:
Find the Good Addons
Download Them
Create a New Website
Upload Addons

Cleaning up will just have 2 things (maybe 3) to do:
Find crap files
Delete crap files and warn users
(if necessary) Contact an addons owner for some important info…

I agree with what you wrote, it might be a lot easier deleting stuff, it was just a thought. Even though re-uploading all the good stuff is time consuming, but like you said, with patience its possible :slight_smile:

I’m sure Garry wont do it, because shit gets uploaded every day. Garry would have to spend every single day removing it, and I’m sure he wants to live his life, rather than deleting shit uploads. And the only reason I went off topic is due to how you went from “Clean up” to “I want to put my dick inside the community.”

My suggestion is to allow people to RATE files and if there are too many low ratings, it shows that the user can just not even bother clicking it.

So, an solution to not having to erase stuff every day, is to use an administration, like Youtube. After every video gets avaible, it’s reviwed by an adm, then it gets authorized.

Gmod doesn’t get as many uploads as youtube, i think that is something around 50, let’s say, on
Garry could “pre-aprove” by reading the title or something, then if someone reports is after downloading garry should decide do erase it or not. But as you guys said, garry maybe doesn’t want to do a thing so there’s no point in discussing this…

Or, if he can’t deal with that quantity of uploads, he maybe can use help of the most truster members around facepunch…