Needs an Overhaul

Using has become more and more of a pain. I think it needs a nicer UI with proper categories and ratings instead of just tags. If you are not looking for something very specific, it’s hard to find things you want. There’s also a ton of useless and outdated crap on there. Does Garry have plans to make more like Toybox in the future?

IIRC Toybox was ment to replace Garry’ so mabye Garry is just letting it fall to pieces

I like the way toybox is heading. If Garry keeps making progress on it I’d definitely be okay with that outcome!

I’m not fond of the fact that toybox requires constant internet access to use, which is a privilege most people don’t have. is wasted space. Garry should just get rid of it.
The same things have been uploaded x10000 times already. needs content review, moderators, and maybe an updated UI. The first two are absolutely important, and until Garry can put them in, Gmod content distribution will always be crappy.

Garry has said no for countless, countless times already.

Why don’t you make your own site and it will be more popular than because it will have all these things you think needs.

Doesn’t work like that. would always be more popular even if there was a better alternative, simply because it’s official.

I haven’t played Gmod in quite a while, let alone mod it. Is this Toybox and IVN(?I think it’s called that) thing basically the successors? I know is still updated with content regularly, but from what I read there are new, better methods to modding Gmod. I haven’t read anything directly saying to use these, nor do I know a lot about them, so please fill me in.

I’d be willing to make an upgraded UI for if garry really wanted but that doesn’t fix the main problems which are space and bandwidth issues. I think that’s also why garry is no longer allowing adv dupes or backrounds and making a reorganization of would actually cause more problems with those because there would then be sections for them.

If someone makes a better site I will redirect to it. How’s that?

I can’t wait to see the applicants for this.

Ok, I’ll see what I can do.

A call to arms men!


Now we can have 8 dozen 12 year olds make stupid or something sites and be like “THIS IS MY NEW GARRYSMOD.ORG MADE MYSELF PLESE TRI”

8 dozen? More like 8 baker’s dozens.

Yes, that is 1,152 12 year olds doing this. The rest are on even shitter free hosts.

This just in, Garry overrun by emails from 12 year old’s asking to look at their shitty site they made in 5 minutes.

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1,152 12 year old’s

Sounds good.

This just in, I have stopped making the site and realized that I can be spending that time playing crysis 2 instead, sorry world but I have priorities.