needs an update.

As most of you know, is quite buggy and ugly when it comes to using out-dated browsers like Internet Explorer. The top and bottom post images are actually used in html <img> tags which is quite bad.

The site can be improved by these things:

  • When someone picks a wrong ID for the image of an addon then it should provide an actual error instead of showing no results.
  • The steam login system should still be able to detect if someone has Garry’s Mod without having them to actually un-hide their account everytime they login (Most people will say crap about this bit but people who don’t like showing their profiles/information to randoms will have to disable/re-enable private/friends online on their steam profile after loggin in)
  • Turning on GZIP compression can help speed up the website and improve performance for the website itself.
  • Website doesn’t have a <!DOCUMENT> html tag
  • Website source needs to be compressed a bit, having 1286 lines of source code will make the client take longer to load
  • Removing useless blankspaces from the source code will be a great improvement.

If you guys need assistance with this, I can throw in a hand to help improve the website heaps, I may not have some certification in PHP or Html but I code for fun and when I have great ideas on how to improve/make a new website.


I’m pretty sure that would be impossible, if your profile is private then the bot thing can’t check your games for garry’s mod.


plus, who puts important info in their steam profiles, anyway?

People just don’t want randoms adding them so they put it on friends only/private. Maybe that person has IRL friends in their friends list only and only plays with them hmmm…

I’m going to see if I can try getting Steam API to work :wink:

and again, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for the bot to find your games list without making your profile public and people can add you even if your profile is private so what are you smoking

I’m sure by logging in to the service it sends information about what achievements you have, stats, game play time, GAMES owned. Its read by one file which is XML

They could get a special open source bot from valve that bypasses private and only searches for garrysmod. It is very possible and I know this for a fact because valve already has one that’s similar.


Private means Private, VALVe wont give anyone access to private data.

When you use OpenID you give your information through an XML page to the page which requested it. The page reads it and checks for the game.

Thank you, that does totally change what I said and I totally didnt know htat.


i know u said people will say crap and it true and i cant seem to login any more it keeps telling me that my account doesnt own gmod and i have no idea what to do plz help me

Once toybox is done, will be history.

You can start with using correct grammar.

so you would wait 30 mins for the big addons to download, Ingame? I don’t think so.

So you would wait 30 mins for the big addons to download, Outgame? I don’t think so.
I’d rather play GMod WHILE waiting for the big addons to download.

That isn’t exactly hard to do even when downloading from

Plus some addons are obscenely large, Toybox shouldn’t be used for those kinds of addon.

If it’s not designed for older browsers, stop using IE6 and get chrome.

> won’t work on a browser from nine years ago

Hey guys I think Crysis needs an update, it won’t work on my commodore 64