needs better moderation.

Didn’t know where else to post this, so I may as well put it in the GD.

Right now as I am posting this at 9:42 PM Eastern Time on July 19, there are no less than 9 blatant TOS violations. Absolutely disgusting images (read: sonic porn and goatse) sit next to those drawn in MS Paint under downloads like “realistick peenis” or “Realistic Pregnancy Gamemode”. The website is being spammed with fake downloads, and this is just one guy. What about the rules that say no saves or advanced dupes are to be uploaded? What about people who pirate models from Source games, because I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules too.

I have to wonder if the website has any moderation at all. Could someone look into this and ban the uploader, at the very least?

I agree. Weren’t there other threads saying the exact same thing over the years? I think it was either Garry or some other admin that closed it and said that Garry’ didn’t need moderation. Oh yes, it most certainly does need moderation.

Definitely. I’m sure there is plenty of mature people who would spend time on moderating it.

-snipity snip- seems the latest one was removed :slight_smile: