Needs to be built into Gmod.

Like a feature so you can download shit just like that and if a server has files you are missing it’ll try to find em or some shit. I swear its getting harder and harder to find the right shit you need
errors errors everywhere

Go to a different server.

/your clan/group server and you realy want to play there?

I think I remember garry posting on his blog that he eventually hopes to have an “app-store” sort of deal within gmod.

I would like a kind of Open TTD style system. When you try to join a server it says, “Missing Content” so then you just click a little button and you can search for the missing content online and download it in one simple step.


Cloudscript needs search button and way to use it in multiplayer.

Ask your favorite server to list it’s major addons in it’s server name and then list all of it’s addons with download links in the MOTD.

Side note: When I look through servers I always look for WireSVN and PHX in either servername or tags list, if I don’t see it, I skip it. Assuming others do the same as me, it may be wise to put major addons in the server name, atleast if you want more people to join.