not work

hi i want verfy my account on garrysmod org on

i got this

404 - File or directory not found.
The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Garry implemented a new quick and easy verification system.

Click here

what i must do ? i no see any option to verfy on this

Go to

Log in.

Then you’re done.

OK i login on garrysmod org and what I must do Wait ?

Did you log in with your Steam account?

Yes !!!

i do it

1 Go to login

2 Select Select account name jacek2144 and give password.

3 Garrysmod org say I am logged and nothing.

MY steam ID :

I dont know why it not work !

Yeah now it’s working :slight_smile:

Garry made a new log in, you log in with Steam now to verify.

You can download stuff now after you logged in.

Not work Here is screenshoot :

maybe this is problem when it logging me i click

Click here if you don’t want to wait…

if you think i lie i can rec video if you want

No one thinks you’re lying.

This is an odd error, you’re still stuck with the old system.

One minute.

You sound like a Mexican trying to learn English.


Try this

ok i rec video.I send this video on youtube soon


hey what happen when i enter then i got

The service is unavailable.

Why i got one error now i got two errors

Log out then back in.

Ok i upload on youtube video here is link :

I see. That’s a bug within the system itself I believe.

Wait until garry responds.

Did you try clearing your cache and cookies in your web browser?

No.I try it now

did the though ever occur to you that English isn’t his first language?

I do it now i got other account “Jacek2144â„¢” ANd it not work.