not work

It should automatically verify your account when you log in now. Please try again.

Weird… Works fine for me… I’m too lazy to scroll up now but did you try creating a brand new account and then linking THAT new account with your steam profile?


Nevermind, ignore my post. Try Garry’s reccomendation instead.

I am finished trying it.I login again and it not work.I try 2 times after that what you say Garry.

Just for the sake of troubleshooting, what webbrowser are you using?

It’s nothing to do with the browser, I fucked something up. I fixed it now - so if you log out and in it should work for sure.

Once again Garry saves the day! :smiley:

our names are now our steam names?

for me, it’s “Jova Ãœ” even though that’s not my actual steam name -.-

btw garry, there’s a spelling error here:

I create new account on Jacek2144 And it not work again.Hey garry can you make two ways Verify account ?

One is standard what be today.
Two is Old function when you must paste code to you steam account profile.
Can you make it please ?

You’re requesting an option on the website to use the old system, right?

How did you create a new account? You can’t do that anymore?

Isn’t he still stuck with the old system?

I dont know how.I only clear my Cookies in Web browser and i want login to my account.Then create it new account.This is reason why this way option.I do it every days

How would he be stuck with the old system?

And you’re supposed to log in with your steam account, which should fix your problem.

You can’t be stuck with the old system, that’s not technically possible. That code no longer exists. It’s like trying to download a file that’s been deleted.

I had a similar problem for a forum I went on. It would display how the website looked like a week ago, it turned out to be a DNS problem.

I agree with Garry. It is a mystery.


Try using OpenDNS

this is very bad day in history of my play in garrysmod :frowning:

If the error is what I think it is, you could try OpenDNSor wait it out.

I don’t wanna sound too “IT techniciany” here but I think you should reset your internet connection, clear cookies, delete cache, clear web history and everything. Try it with another web browser. But as Garry said, I don’t think it is the web browser, although the presence of a system that physically doesn’t exist anymore screams “some sort of saved state of the system”, which is usually caused by cookies & cache.

But since that is not the problem and we ruled out the possibility of that then the only option I see fit is to either reset your internet conection or to use a different browser.