Suggesting a completely new design for, It’s current state is horrible.

What would you suggest?

ToyBox is going to replace it.

No it isnt. Not everything on can be put on toybox ( successfully. )

Toybox WILL replace

Actually it can

In my opinion should be moving into a state of deprecation. I think that focusing on the ToyBox would be a smart move then spending time on a site that works fine as it is and may not be around for much longer.

Yes, But what about the other things on other then client content.

all thats on there is client content

I think he means stuff like admin mods, but most admin mods are handled by SVN these days

I wouldn’t count on it,

I’d keep and just redesign it like toybox but not to make a complete copy. I don’t want toybox to be my stop, I love enough. should be “redone”, it looks awful sincerely and I don’t think ToyBox is going to replace or if it does I’ll be happy anyway because of no more dupes and reuploads. needs some repairs. It’s currently broken for IE users.

Yeah, yeah. I know. IE8 iz returdedz.

no IE should be illegal in the US. its more then retarded

than :eng101: design works fine. Toybox can’t replace it since many addons uploaded there aren’t being supported and as such, the users aren’t playing any more. They won’t get moved.

Yup. Design isn’t important. It works. Most of its function will soon be superseded by ToyBox. Whilst you are correct that for now it is just singleplayer stuff, Garry’s aim is to replace and have all downloads working in game in the future.

that would limit some-- well maybe not-- of the pirates

I do not want to download all of the addons for my server in-game. If goes down then I will quit.

You guys are right.
It looks just fine: