Password Recovery

Is there any way to recover a password for my account via email or something else like other sites have? I really need to get on my account so I can DL some stuff (and yes my account has been Gmod verified).

EDIT: I have now tried every variation of every password I have ever used with no luck. I hope that not being able to log in is an April Fools joke…



nah mate…, im pretty shore theres no acount recovery…, its pretty anoying i know…,
and also theres no changing password which is anoying aswell…

so what do we do then, buy a new version of gmod?!?!?!?

email and ask him nicely. Seriously though, if you contact him he might be able to reset it. If you’ve got gmail, I think the site sends you an email when your registered, but I’m not sure if it does.