possible update

For the Garry’s Website, when people upload stuff we can write a description. But, people, instead of putting a description they put a link to a video, and I think that you, the’s admins, could make an update to your website, if it’s possible and make place where we can post a video directly in the website an not open a new window…
Thank you, I love your Website, good bye and Merry XMAS

You mean embedding a video in the description right?

  1. is barely updated anymore
  2. Links to video are fine, no need to cram the page up with embedded videos.

Ok, just saying

Why does it matter if it opens in a differant window…

These fucking retard threads are crowding facepunch.

We dont care about stupid ideas.

stop with the horrid posts

Its a discussionthread, people are supposed to post ideas, bad or not.