, reporting user that reuploads other peoples work...

My user: TheAwesomeSmile

User im reporting: Tomy XD

I was looking at my uploads and i saw that tomy here had downloaded and reuploaded my file. I clicked on his
profile and saw that he had reuploaded 2 other files, in which he also reuploaded w/o permission. Anyway he has a total of three files that he took from people and uploaded w/o permission. Do something about him?

Link to Tomy’s profile:

Link to my file he reuploaded w/o permission:

Link to my profile:

There is no moderation in
Meaning you just have to deal with it.

What happened to reporting file reporting??? : |

It was removed, because there were no moderators to check the reported files.

Deal with it or complain some more, garry has no time as he is still fixing Gmod.

  • no moderators to check it.