Restricted Access

Whenever I try to download files from I get the message saying restricted access. It also says that they have reports of my computer or other computers on the network that have been compromised by a virus and can be used to ddos websites. I’ve scanned every computer on my network and nothing has came up, I also got this page when trying to view facepunch. Should I be worried or is this happening to anyone else? Also when I click the box that says “Show evidence of this claim” it says “There is currently no evidence.” So what is this a error on or is something really happening on one of my computers? Any help is appreciated.

The only thing that can be if you’ve not tried urself to DoS (Denial of Service) any website is that you might’ve been added to a botnet. A guy collects “bots” to his botnet to DDoS (Disturbed Denial of Service) a website or server. The virus is spreaded as an .exe file and you will be added to the botnet without even notice it, you just have to open the .exe up and it’s done. He will then have access to your network through your computer and can order a DDoS at any time making his bots send packages to a website or server making it crash. There is no way to find this virus since it might’ve already been implemented on any of the computers in your network. The only thing a anti-virus will detect is the .exe file but if it’s already been implemented there’s no thing you can do about it except restore your computer. And I’m deadly serious since I’ve worked in that catagory alot when I was younger.

I haven’t installed anything lately. But who knows, it could still be something from a long time ago. I guess I’ll just have to reinstall. I can take files off the old install right? Like music and photos

Yes of course.