The suggestion was brought up in the CoderHire thread, to possibly create a remake of the old website. The object of this project is to essentially create a site that has the same purpose as the Workshop, except to pick up where it failed, including dupes & saves, which honestly just plagues the workshop, as well as prevent multiple uploads of the same thing. This thread is mostly just to make people aware of the project, and to see if anyone is interested in contributing. To help out you must be required to know some sort of web development language, such as PHP, HTML & CSS, or JavaScript, assuming we will be using these. You must also have a reputation on FacePunch that is in good standing, because if we have people who don’t know what they’re doing, or who have bad reputations, we won’t get anywhere. Thanks for reading, and feel free to add me on Steam if you have questions.

tl;dr We are creating a remake to pick up where the workshop failed. If you want to help you need to have a good reputation, and know some sort of web programming language.

Hope you don’t mind, fixed it.

Thank you!

i’m up for throwing code at it

Isn’t it possible to filter out saves and dupes?

I think it should have an approval system to make sure it doesn’t have shitty scripts/leaks and yeah saves and dupes.

If this project does take off, please do, since they just clog shit up.

I already suggested that in the Coderhire thread. Scan uploaded .zips for saves and dupes, and also CRC the maps to see if it already exists on the workshop.

I’ve been coding node.js all summer (web backend language) so I’d love to help out.

Node is designed for coding very high performance websites and would be perfect for something like this.

Who is going to host all the content?

It could be linked to github.

I’m thinking the best option would be a fairly simple setup using redisdb for a session cache and rethinkdb to store addon meta data, then store the files either as a reference to a git repo or a path to a remote cdn network server which can act as a download mirror.

With something like node.js it’d be possible to parse every addon that gets uploaded and give em automated quality ratings based on stuff like number of globals relative to project size and even do similarity checks to parse trees of other projects potentially. (a parse tree is supprizingly nice for comparisons since it ignores code formatting and compares only meaning etc).

All sorts of cool stuff can be done really.

Good idea. If this actually goes anywhere or gets used anywhere near as much as the workshop, it would be a nightmare for whoever has to host the files.

Edit: Also, I assume you would need some sort of module to handle addon downloading (possibly integrated with git?), since the file library can only write to text files in the data directory.

Didn’t someone do something that automatically downloaded the latest versions of their addons off git?

I may not be able to help web side (not my thing) but I would make addons for this site, I like the idea.

I can offer help in terms of front-end (web design and stuff) and as a back-end coder (preferably on something openresty based like lapis)

Same here, this sounds like a really cool project! I really hope this will be a success :wink:

I know basic PHP and well honestly is there anything advanced about html? count me in!

But php sux

and no html/css/js isn’t hard, but you have to know stuff about design

I shall provide moral support!