running very slow

–apologies if i have posted in the wrong forum, i havent been on facepunch before, admin please move if in wrong place–

I have been going onto a lot recently and have noticed that it is getting incredibly slow, each page takes ages to load, whereas any other regular website i go to is at lightning speed. is it because of a server problem? has got too many people using it at one time? i was wondering because its becoming a real inconvenience for me at the moment to the point where i sometimes cant even view the site, it says if its really bad “service unnavailable”.

This is not new. The site’s been slow for a while. There’s not enough bandwidth to accommodate the storage and traffic demands.

would it be possible for them to start up either a new server to take off the heavy load or get an internet connection with higher bandwidth?

Probably what’s required. It’d take a lot more bandwidth/a lot more server capacity though.

i thought it was my internet that was slow…so the site is getting heavy traffic?

Yes…they should add a donate page…then I would be willing to help them out so I can get my downloads faster. And not spend ten minutes waiting for a 1 mb file. Whats weird is I can watch a HD Youtube video and it takes about 2 minutes for it to completely load up the red bar.

yeh, hang on im gonna mailbag garry and ask him to add it, coz facepunch aint happy! LOL

Not going to happen, the site has been in this state for years.

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It’s not easy just to add another server as well you know.

When you download of you’re not downloading from the server in the office, you’re downloading off Amazon S3 and Cloudfront. I can understand the website itself being slow but downloading shouldn’t be too slow, as S3/Cloudfront is made up of a multitude of servers in various locations.

Its horrible. Good thing download speed is fine.

It would make alot of difference if Face Punch and Garrys were not on the same server box, but garry can’t really do that.

Well hundreds maybe thousands of people are downloading stuff from the site so that may be the self explanitory part