Screwed up?

On one side, of the homepage, theirs a bunch of new (just uploaded) stuff. On the other, theres the stuff that earned front page. Is this a new feature or is screwed up and gllitched?

no its, i think its the best they could have made with the page.
Really good things can be found earlier now.

Really? All I see is shitty retarded crap.

That is what most of is. All the new design means is that you might be able to find a few gems in the flood of crap that gets uploaded.

Um, i don’t know.
Maybe it is broken.
Maybe garry just decided to put a column with the label:
Recently popular downloads
latest uploads
maybe he just put latest uploads for no reason.

Actually latest upload and popular downloads were on a long time ago (2 years or so).And for some reasson Gary put it back

I agree with you !!!

does anyone know why when you hit search it says “search is disabled” and it only works like once in a blue moon?

also the site is slow as hell i have a super fast connection and its always allll ways slow from never loading to whatever… oh and thanks garry for taking down the 2 extra downloads taking away our choices… so we have to live with slow only

because search is disabled

Sometimes the speed of the host server can affect your browsing speed.

is search disabled for you too coolcorky? the forums should be consistant it seems like one day you cant search next day its fast next day you can search but it wont go though just takes30 minutes to find what your looking for … sorry im frustrated