trolls and spammers?

As has no moderation. It has become the ultimate cesspit. Some guys have actually made spam downloads insulting eachother and the comments are usually filled with spam, hate and trap links.

I say the new uploads panel (Shitty adv dupes, savefiles and 3 second scripts encourage people to rage daily) and comments feature are the source of this. Should them both, or one or another be removed or should there be stricter moderation?

In my personal opinion. needs a download report function, it doesn’t need comments and the new uploads panel could be toggleable/hidden somewhere.

Discuss if you want. Just my rant.

Edit: Tried to add a poll and failed, FFFUUU-

Unfortunately, not a lot can be done about it right now.

omg omg that guy just insulted my file by posting a comment wtf ban him

Just dont look at the comments and the new uploads?

They Raped my dog. D:<

I would not worry too much about it, Just a bunch of little 12 year olds having fun.

I just find all the facepalm ascii are to be annoying

Look people, if your gonna complain, then dont goto at all. Anyway, the comments aren’t under Gmod control. The comment system is under a different multi-site comment system that is administered by the admins of the site. If your gonna complain, then either stop going to Gmod all togather or dont look at the comments. And the Asci stuff; Just shut up and get on with it. We dont have control and dont have control over it, Disqus are the people your gonna have to talk to about that.

The website needs:
Link filter to get rid of that stupid shit, and maybe that facepalm ascii art should just be filtered out to “facepalm”
Report Function
A vote system with a filter to hide things that got rated low (Such as shit dupes, shit saves, and shit maps)

In my opinion.

Now that last one is a really good idea. Adv Dups are becoming crappier to shittieness the next day.

And maps. Those keep getting worse. I swear to god, if I had a dollar for every -20 brush count map…
I once saw an outdoor map without a fucking skybox… The poster said “idk wats rong, i update later to fix it” <–Why needs moderation.