Uploaded Files Missing?

Okay so I used to have 9 uploaded files with over 20k downloads but when I click “View Profile” theres just nothing there? But it still says “Apple (9)” next to my name which tells me otherwise. I also tried clicking on various peoples name on to view their profile and it appears theirs are not there either?

EDIT: Something strange I just discovered, when I search for my file in search bar I am able to find it O.o

Maybe you weren’t logged in. The Gmod13-workshop is still hidden for non-beta participants…

Same thing happened to me. I can’t view the files in my profile but if I search it it shows up

It also happens to me. Really weird and would love a fix.

It happens because, as we all know, is buggy as fuck. When you do the sign in through Steam button shitnit, It’ll stall on the Logging in please wait thing, if you click the “I don’t want to wait” button, I’m guessing it pretty much logs you in as a second user (And so on and so forth as you keep going logging in and out.) Just a bug in how it loads your profile. It’ll get outdated by Workshop anyways.

The “click on the name”-way of finding things still uses the old system where you had t o create an account and then link it with your steam profile. Right now we have a Steam login, and this way people have different names and such constantly. Because of this it can’t find any files.

Is there any way around it? I cant find anything im looking for because I dont know the name, and I have to go to a profile to find them, and that doesnt work anymore.