uploaded issues

I am trying to upload some sweps to and it keeps failing on me. It will either go to 98% and restart the upload or send me to a “500 - Internal Server Error” page, no matter the file size. I have been trying to upload zip files only and they all have been under 100mb.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Meant to title it “ upload issues”. Illness has gotten the best of me :confused:


Bumps are retarded

He was being nice and trying to help this guy out. Here is what I do when I have any trouble
First try a differnt browser
Try and power cycle both your router and modem
Try a direct connection with your router usin an Ethernet cable

Report back with findings!

This doesn’t involve you.

I’m trying to help…

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I usually help people not be a dick to anyone and everyone. It was old yes, but no one gas helped him. If he gas been helped then this can serve as a guide to someone having similar issues.


But it doesn’t matter because this thread is from September.

It was bumped.