uploading problem

Hello, im not sure this is right section but im finished on my newish More Npc Weapons Addon and i has some issues with uploading to

My addon gives more weapons to npc, in new version i decided to combine it with requirements because its hard for ppl to download required sweps one by one.

Anyway while uploading the file(75mb) ,when it reaches to %99 it says cloudflare error client timed out and it automatically go back to homepage and after, somehow, it appears on my uploaded addon list as a reported file, i tried to dl this file and it worked but file is reported somehow…

Any ideas?

edit: it sure doesnt include porn, virus or something like that


CloudFlare is being retarded. I get this a lot of the time myself. I remember back in the past around 2010 this CloudFlare didn’t interrupt anything of the sort. Now it does every time I even go on the site.