voting system?

With all of the un-moderated crap on the site today, the Site Host or Garry himself must be buying a new 2 TB hard drive every week. With no report button or anything, why cant someone add a lil’ voting system to the site?

Sorta like Newgrounds, The submission will pass onto the site after it reaches a score of “x” after “y” amount of votes. I think it can help moderate through shitty backgrounds and kill Breen missions. Not to mention help Garry cut down on bandwidth.

Or at-least something that would stop the flow of shit clogging up the site and letting actual addons and stuff that people put work and effort into.

you’ll end up with the trollers putting 0 or 1 for everything and then the site will drop down to almost nothing, then starts the banning voting just like commenting and it completely ruins the point, just like being banned from commenting

I, and many others will agree but it doesn’t look like garry’s got any plans to clean up un-wanted rubbish. I think the situation will get that bad that garry will have to do something though. And I think something is going to happen soon.

Besides, I’m afraid trolling is the only voting system on

so by that logic, you get banned for giving your opinion

voting = giving opinion
trolling = voting
too bad isn’t in america cuz we got this thing here called california where you can smoke as much weed as you want, hell you can even smoke with a cop if youre friends with him. how about we all chip in to get garry a 1 way ticket here to california and about a week’s worth of weed

How about we just don’t download the content we don’t want and download the content we do want?

thats actually a really good idea!!!

Because thats not the point ya bloody idiot, now read the thread again and stop acting smart.


Its so funny how whenever I agree with someone, everybody else immediately starts to hate that guy’s idea. From now on, I’m gonna just agree with all the jackasses

Maybe this should help some of you understand. Notice he’s trolling about crappy adv. dupes he’s saying there’s a point to getting rid of them. the point kinda proves there is reason to take them off the site so shut up with ya smart ass comments.

what the hell does weed have to do with this thread?

garry would be way cooler if he was stoned

smoke weed errdayy

Garry, if you’re reading this, i just want to let you know that you’re always welcome out here. hell if you come out, tell me and ill even buy the weed (However, if i end up ignoring your message, its cuz I’ve got a shoot or a gig. getting busy as hell lately)