website is slow ?

It’s me or surfing on is very slow ?

and sometimes facepunch too. (I just want if it’s my connection)

Slow here too.

Says “Database Down” for me when I try to download something.

It’s been slow all day.

i found it slow and losing connection it will probably be because of the amount of people on the site

nope, Garry updated the site. there is a thread about it somewhere else.

It’s been slow since it was made, I don’t know what you’re on about.

Anyone catch that quick bug, where everything from 700+ days old was on the front page? I was telling Shotgunguy:

I don’t recall to be fast. It’s always been a kind of slow-ish website.

Get a download accelerator and the downloads actually go over 200Mb/s :aaaaa: But it still won’t fix the site unfortunately.

FlashGet = :smiley:

i mean seriously im downloading a 2mb file and its going 4.35kb/second and at 16%
i downloaded a 2gb pack from a different site and in 10mins its at 50%+

Boo hoo.