Weird Layout

I’m not sure what’s wrong but can anyone tell me what wrong with the layout? Heres an example:


Why use something so outdated? use workshop.

A lot of the maps and models that doesn’t have LUA scriptings are still not found on workshop.

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Also try clearing your cache

I often remember something from there and then jump over to grab it, like at christmas the snowball & santa hands models where not on workshop.

Clearing my cache didn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i had the same problem with kaspersky, try adding to the whitelist, i think it may be blocking the cs file

Not to be a dick, but does anyone even use anymore? I remember when all the 12 year old kids used to download shitty dupes from there and say that they made it.

I really cannot say that has been useful in any way to me.

People still upload to it and use it like its still the norm. Its had its day and should go really. People that say “there is still stuff not on the workshop that is still on” will be saying that next year…

Your firewall is blocking something or your cache is fucked