wont let me log in.

I’ve had this problem for the past couple days now, and it’s even worse now that I downloaded Gmod to another computer in my house.
I haven’t been able to log in ever since the database went out a little while ago. What happens is, I try and log in through steam, I type in everything, then it takes me to a screen that reads, “Logging in, Click here if you don’t want to wait.”
If I click that, It doesnt log me in, however If I don’t it will stay on screen for HOURS at a time. I haven’t been able to log in since.
Some things that may help, I have Hughesnet, which if you don’t know, Goes quite slow.
I also am using two obsolete browsers Safari and IE, maybe I should try a new one, but the thing is, it worked before.
By the way, I came for help, not “Then Buy the game n00b”, I have bought the game, even look at my Steam account.
Please help, it really doesn’t seem like any others are experiencing this.

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Also if it helps I am boot camping the game onto Windows for more compatibility with mods and servers.

Intresting. Wait! Did you tried to download something? Log in at le home page. Sometimes if you get redirected to a file that changed it’s name or something so it doesn’t log you in properly.

Do a complete clear on your cookies, and hold Ctrl+Refresh to do a hard refresh.

Also, has been acting a bit weird lately so it could even be a server issue.

Yes, it recently said that all files were uploaded “NaN Days Ago”, so that is a likely cause. However, that has been fixed.

More like… “NYaN Days Ago” amirite?

Sorry, someone had to make that joke.

:dance: haven’t nyaned for a while.

Even after deletion of Temporary files, it still isnt working.

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Ive now tried three different browsers, Chrome, Safari, IE, and on two different computers.