won't let me login through Steam.

So I want to login through Steam as usual to download something on, but it won’t let me. I type username and password and then the human verification thing comes up, and I type that too. Then it just resets. The letters I have to type changes and the letters I already wrote just disappears. So I can’t sign in! The page doesn’t refresh or anything, but it won’t let me login! Any fix? I’m using Google Chrome and it has worked thousands of time earlier.

Try using IE & have you a link to your steam community page so we can verify you do actually own garry’s mod

Ok, I solved it, I have to login through the normal Steam community page, then go to and since I already was logged in, I automotically was signed in. Thanks for the help.

Hello guys i want help!
im banned from i think because i uploaded wiremod SVN
i want to be unbanned pls anyone help send me a private message what can i do

You uploaded something that wasn’t allowed! ,so you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

I have no sympathy for people who intentionally break the rules and then are surprised when they are punished. If you run a red light in real life and get a ticket, you’re not going to get out of it by saying “Oh I was only wanting to do something good”

I am also having problems logging into steam via the website nor does it work if i login at the steam community page then navigate to it. This is getting pretty annoying now it just wont load, i’ll try using IE.

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still no luck.

I’m have problems with the “Sign in through STEAM” botton when i click it it will say its loading but after a while like an hour nothing will come up. If someone can help me that will be awsome. Thanks.

Yeah i have exactly the same problem.

i have the same problem, with the login through steam button.

same problem. I tried it with chrome, firefox and IE.

i have the same problem…

I can’t login either. My community page is:

Please fix this, it worked for me once, then i logged out and tried to log in again and it won’t work. I really want to download that 350z lol

Happening to me too. When I hit the link, it just hangs. Tried in IE and Firefox…

This is getting to be a pain in the arse. I have had that button loading for about 20 minutes now.

I’ve had it loading for a HALF HOUR… does anyone know how to get past the forever loading thing when you click on Sign in Through Steam?

Same problem. Please help!

My steam page: