wont let me upload a file.

Its a .txt file for adv dupe, but i cant upload because it isnt a .zip file… I see many other adv dupe files and i want to get mine up, but i dont know why i cant… If anyone knows how to solve this please tell me… It could be a simple process that i dont know…

compress the file with winzip or winrar. problem solved

right click the file, go to “send to”, compressed (zipped) folder, a new file will appear, upload it

hey if u get it working I wanna see what you uploaded just for looks

make a folder, named whatever you want. ( I suggest you name it the same as your .txt file ) and then right click the folder and -> Send To -> Compressed (zipped) folder.

tried to use the send to compressed folder and this was what i got when i re uploaded it:
This file has nothing but useless files in it. Do not upload just txt files, or just image files.


nevermind i got it ill post a link later


i know its ugly D:… idk why it says its been reported… but if you dowload it have fun…