I’m surprised to see that the website where you can download all the addons is now “disabled”. I use a non STEAM version with garrysmod (yes, I’m lazy so i downloaded it) because i think STEAM sucks. I only use STEAM to play CSS, TF2 and Half life 1 (which for some strange reason always crash, freeze and wont install updates so my original half life game is worthless). Anyways I’m wondering how can I download things there without verifying i own garrysmod.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Pirated Garry's Mod" - SteveUK))

You can’t. Pirates don’t get addons.

Go buy the game.

No. You’re likely to get banned here too.

You pirate games, therefore we all hate you. No addons for you.

Ok, question answered. Thanks. This forum bans more people then any other so good bye i guess.

FAIL POST! I mean, this is linked to GMOD so why the hell would that idiot post that he pirated GMOD? LOL