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Hey guys

Today i Released my Fix of GMR and sold it to 2 Guys. First was well
but to the Second i had a bad feeling and now see that:
My Picture and my fix with Evolve…
Please ban the Ripper i made hard work with the Fix of the Gamemode. ;(
Steam Name: Remscar
He didnt made the Gamemode and didnt Fixed it please Ban.

Steam Profile:

I hope they ban him!!!

(User was permabanned for this post ("You got it" - daijitsu))

Welcome to the forums. 0/10 Would be trolled again.

I hate to be rude, but that happens. People steal downloads all the time on the site, it’s just nature. Ever notice how Kermite’s has been re-uploaded twice, with the packs he uploaded removed? There is no originality there, not anymore

Originality only existed in Garry’s Mod 9 and the few first weeks of Garry’s Mod 10.

I hate them.